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Introducing Cat Maths cards activities, games and lessons

Why are the Cat Maths cards so amazing? We were excited to take delivery of two packs of prototype Cat Maths cards. They look wonderful, and have given us the chance to try out various activities and games with children … Continue reading

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Evaluating mathematical games

It is the start of the school year in the northern hemisphere and the mathtwitterblogosphere (#mtbos) is full of ideas, and requests for ideas, for games that will help make learning in mathematics more fun. At StatsLC we are releasing The … Continue reading

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Why Kickstarter crowdfunding, and how you can help

Strengths and weaknesses Here’s the thing: We at Statistics Learning centre are really good at making high quality resources, and teaching people about statistics and maths. (See this recent post on our impact) We are not really good at marketing … Continue reading

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Statistics Learning Centre is a social enterprise empowering all teachers to teach statistics and all people to understand statistics. So far… Through our videos, we at StatsLC have helped more than a million people to understand statistics better, and continue … Continue reading

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